Flutter SDK and Team Access to the Dashboard

Flutter SDK

Want to add chat functionality to your Flutter app? We made that a lot easier with the TalkJS Flutter SDK. To get started with it, check out our docs. With the release of this new SDK, we're expanding our support for mobile app platforms. We released an SDK for React Native last year, and we've always supported embedding TalkJS in a WebView in Ionic and native mobile applications.

Invite your team to the TalkJS dashboard

It used to be that one TalkJS account was linked to one TalkJS instance with a test and live environment. We've heard from many customers that they'd like to give members of their team access to the TalkJS dashboard, without needing to share login details. Now you can!

If you open the account menu in the top right of the dashboard, you'll see some new items. The first set of menu items is related to your projectwhich is what we call these TalkJS instances now. Each project still has a test environment and a live environment. Billing settings are also saved on a per-project bases.

If you click Manage members, you'll be able to invite your team members to your project. We've also created a set of roles that can limit which sections of the dashboard they can access.

On that same page you'll be able to see and manage current project members and pending invitations.

An account can be associated with multiple projects now too. So if you'd like to make another project to have an extra separate environment for staging or testing, or you work in an agency where you use TalkJS with multiple clients, you can create new projects under the same account.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where conversations with ids containing percentage signs or slashes could not be retrieved.
  • Fixed an issue where a conversation a user was removed from would still show up in the conversation list in the inbox.
  • Fixed an issue whee some attachment URLs would lead to a 403 response.
  • Fixed a bug in the TranslationToggled event causing the "conversation" attribute to hold an empty object.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a user from a conversation could cause an error if that user sent the most recent message, and the app was using a legacy theme.