New in TalkJS: Emoji Reactions 🙌, Audio Attachments 🔈 and More!

Emoji Reactions Reactions

Emoji reactions let you quickly show excitement, laughter, gratitude and much more, without it needing to be a separate message. This is especially useful if a large number of people are reacting to a message, because you see everyone's reactions at a single glance, and it doesn't clutter up the conversation.

You can enable emoji on a per-role basis via the TalkJS dashboard. If you have an existing theme, you may need to make changes to have the reactions show up. Check out this guide on updating your theme.

Play Audio Attachments

You can now play audio attachments right inside the chat! It works right out of the box, but there's a small tweak you may want to make to existing themes to adjust the height.

Clone Your Live/Test Environment into a New Project

Every project within TalkJS comes with a test, and a live environment, but there are cases where you may want an extra environment. Maybe for testing, or experimenting with new features, without messing with your existing project. From the "project settings" page of the dashboard, you can now clone your project's test or live environment into a new project.

Other Features and Bug Fixes

  • Message timestamps now have an accessibility label, so that a short timestamp like "1d" is read out by screen readers as "1 day ago".
  • Fixed an issue where the "Show older messages" button wouldn't work, showing a loading indicator forever. 
  • Role editor usability improvements:  the role editor's main page now shows a list of all your roles, and you can get  direct URL to a role in the editor.
  • The emoji suggestion bar now works better in dark themes.