TalkJS Changelog: Online Status Indicators

It can be handy to see if the people you're talking to are currently online or not. It can help set expectations for how soon you might get a reply.

You can enable whether status indicators are visible to users via the role editor.

If you've created/edited a theme before September 28th 2022, you may need to make some changes to your theme's ChatHeader component to make these status indicators show up.

New Presence REST API

Our Rest API now has a better endpoint to find out which users are currently online. It lets you filter based on whether the just have an active session, or have an actual chat UI open, and even which conversation they're looking at. Learn more in our documentation

Other fixes and improvements

  • In our themes template language, we've added a forloop object, which you can use to get information about the current loop iteration. 
  • Video attachments can now have a flexible height. This may require an update to your theme to work correctly.
  • We've put in place a filter to prevent automated replies such as "Out of office" emails from being sent as messages in conversations.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging files into the chat didn't work in Safari
  • Fixed an issue where our REST API would return a 500 internal server error when receiving an invalid JSON payload
  • Fixed an issue where the last match of a search query wouldn't be highlighted