TalkJS Changelog: Voice Messages

Sometimes, it's quicker to say something than to type out a long message. At other times, you really want to make sure your tone and emotion comes across right, which isn't always easy with text. That's where voice messages shine, and your users can now send them with TalkJS.

You can enable them in the role editor of your TalkJS dashboard. Note that this only changes whether someone can send voice messages. Receiving voice messages works for any user, regardless of their role.

If you've edited the default theme, you may need to make some changes for voice messages to show up nicely. To see the changes we recommend, take a look at our themes upgrade guide.

Other improvements

  • Older messages within a conversation now load automatically when you scroll up.
  • When you don't subscribe to notification.opened webhook events, notification emails will no longer include a tracking pixel.
  • Similarly, when you don't subscribe to webhook events, links in notification emails will no longer have a redirect for tracking clicks.
  • Stability and performance improvements