Users can now delete messages

TalkJS lets you build a chat feature in hours instead of months.


  • Added a menu for message actions:

For now, "Delete message" is the only action in there, but watch this space for more to come.

If you've customised your theme, you'll need to modify the UserMessage or MessageBody component to add the MessageActionMenu component to it. The code for it should look something like this:

<ActionMenu class="action-menu">
  <Icon type="horizontalDots" />

Feel free to reach out to customer support if you need help setting it up.

If there are no actions that the current user has permission to perform on a message, then the menu won't show up at all there. Speaking of permissions...

  • Added a message permissions section to roles. In this section, you can give permission to users with this role to perform actions on their own messages, all messages or no messages at all. To match the behaviour of your existing roles, the deletion permission has been set to "None". For newly created roles, it'll default to "Own", so that users can delete their own messages.


  • Fixed an issue where removing a participant from a conversation could cause problems when loading the inbox for other participants.
  • Fixed an issue where a conversation could still show up in a user's inbox after being deleted. No more zombie conversations!

React Native SDK:

  • Added a ConversationList component. It works just like the conversation list in our Inbox for the JavaScript SDK.
  • Added the messageField property to the Chatbox component
  • Fix bug in ConversationBuilder.setAttributes that prevented setting a value to null or undefined after previously having given it a value.
  • (iOS): Fix push notification registration token not getting received.
  • (iOS): Fix zooming when messageField is focused.

🎄Happy holidays from the TalkJS team!